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- Chemical Cans
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- Easy to cover
- Plastic Packaging

Products – Chemical Cans


Main Application: for various cosmetic, paint, industrial transit chemical cans package and various food, candy, tea, gift boxes and other miscellaneous cans.

Technical Specifications: Produce various chemical round cans and rectangular cans between 0.2L-25L; 300 #, 401 #, 502 #, 603 #, etc. various types of milk powder cans; candy, biscuit tins, oil cans, tea tins, gift cans, etc. Also has mold processing center, can produce various types of can shapes.

Manufacturing Equipment: Equipped with dozens of world advanced tin containers production lines, with one-stop production capacity from tin cutting to packaging finished products and multi-types modeling, design services capacity, with single-month production capacity of 1.5 million chemical cans, 3 million milk powder cans and 300,000 sets of miscellaneous cans. Printed and coated tinplates production line using UK CRABTREE alcohol dampening system color printing machine, Germany LTG automatic continuous drying system; milk powder cans production line is equipped with Swiss Soudronic AFB108 environmentally friendly mercury-free welding machine, automatic wire spray drying system, France SABATIER Can body composition machine and air cleanliness standards up to 100,000 manufacturing environment systems; chemical cans production line is equipped with can bottom 7 laxyers seal technology, equipped with self-mold machining center to meet customer diversified needs.

Complementary distribution:Suzhou; Guangzhou;Chengdu;Tianjin

Main customers: Akzo Nobel etc.